We all know that oliva oil is a natural product that complements your “healthy diet“. Nonetheless, being objective we need to talk about olive oil contraindications. Some of these contraindications are actually miths that we are going to expose.

MITH: Olive oil makes you gain weight

REALITY: Olives are hypercaloric. However, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has pretty much as many calories as any other type of oil. What is more, compared to butter it is far less caloric.

Research by the Facultad de Farmacia de la Universidad de Navarra concludes that most olive oil consumers did not gain, but lost weight while they were monitored. Although Olive Oil is caloric, it carries a variety of antioxidants that help you drop some weight.

Furthermore, olive oil has unsaturated fat, specifcally monounsaturated. Therefore, they are benefitial for your body and help avoiding problems caused by [saturated] animal fat.

MITH: Olive oil makes you constipated.

REALITY: Olive oil properties accelerate digestion. Therefore, drinking high doses can make you constipated. But you should be drinking glasses of oil for this to happen. Common use of olive oil does not have this effect.

MITH: Olive oil accelerates diabetes.

REALITY: Monounsaturated rich diets reduce the levels of glucose, LDL colesterol and triglycerides, which helps reucing the amount of insulin needed to fight diabetes.

Olive Oil helps reducing the levels of sugar in blood as well as lowering blood pressure.

Buy Olive Oil and use it on your table, specially Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is very benefitial. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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