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In the west part of Granada, in Huétor Tájar, “Finca la Catalana” is located our olive grove, a rural property called La Catalana. Here, there is an area of 5.35 hectares of olive trees.

On this land different aromatic plants bloom naturally with very intense scents. The rosemary or the thyme are some examples. The olive tree extracts its essence from them, so the fruit gives the olive oil this unique flavour.


An intensive olive grove, is a modern one, where planting frames are considerably reduced 6 x 8, driving the system to adapt volumes cup to mechanization.

The drip irrigation system is essential in this type of plantations.

One of our goals in the management of high-density plantations is to avoid water stress, because it is directly related to the reduction of photosynthesis by inducing stomatal closure, which limits the available CO2 and perspiration.

Land management of our olive groves, is fundamental to our conception of sustainable olive growing and respect for the environment.



Generally, they are developed lands on calcareous materials. They are with different levels of development and always with a high content of calcium carbonate.

It is remarkable that the soil science in this part of Granada presents a considerable variety and complexity typological soil, which makes infrequent the clear appearance of a certain type.


The region falls within the mild temperature Mediterranean area of land. This fact directly influences the seasonal distribution of temperature and precipitation in the region, with the self-importance of summer drought of Mediterranean climates.

The average temperature ranges between 14.1 and 16.8 ° C, presenting long and cold winters, with hot summers. The importance of the two intermediate seasons is not very noticeable, accentuating the presence of the two main stations during the year (summer and winter).

With regard to the rainfall, the Mediterranean character of them favours their irregularity with large differences between dry (250-600 mm) and wet years (800-2000 mm).



It is vigorous variety, its production is early, high and relatively constant. It is considered very rustic because of its adaptation to different climate and soil conditions.

In particular it is considered tolerant to frost and excessive humidity in soil. However, it is not very resistant to drought and limestone soils. The fruit is medium in size, with high oil efficiency and the quality of its oil is considered average. In general it is well adapted to the west area of Granada. The largest number of specimens of this variety are found in the municipalities of Moclín, Íllora, Villanueva Mesías, Huetor Tajar and part of Montefrío.


Vigorous variety of high but very vecera production. It is considered rustic, tolerant to winter frost and supports quite well soil humidity, being more sensitive to lack of water that to its excess.

It is highly appreciated for the quality of its oil and its high yield. The fruits are late-maturing, high peel strength, which causes the collection costly and numerous outbreaks are destroyed during it.

It is well adapted to the climatic and soil conditions of the west area of Granada. The largest numbers of specimens are located in the northern part of the west, bordering the province of Córdoba, mainly terms of Montefrío and Algarinejo.

We are strongly convinced that the juice extracted from the fusion of these two varieties makes it possible to obtain an excellent oil. This is due to the balance between the Picual bitterness and  the Picudo sweetness, obtaining a very pleasant taste. Tercio de las Torres stands out for its low acidity and excellent flavour. A pleasure for the gourmet.

cuentra localizado en al franja norte del Poniente, limítrofe con la provincia de Córdoba, principalmente términos de Montefrío y Algarinejo.

Estamos convencidos que el zumo extraído de la fusión de estas dos variedades hace posible obtener un excelente aceite,debido al equilibrio entre el amargor del Picual y la dulzura del Picudo, obteniendo un sabor muy agradable. TERCIO DE LAS TORRES destaca por su baja acidez y excelente sabor. Una delicia para el gourmet.

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